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About Seamless Hair Extensions
About Seamless Hair Extensions


What Makes Seamless Hair Extensions Different from other methods?
Hair is not sewn onto a braided weft but a pre-taped seamless weft. The seamless weft can be attached by sandwiching the two strips together and securing with Seamless Reinforcment Adhesive using a safe cold fusion method of application.

How Long does the service take to apply?
Application takes as little as 2 hours or less. Removal takes even less time.

How will the hairstylist match my haircolor to the hair extension?


There are over 40 colors available including two-toned and three toned highlighted colors, therefore, hair can be matched to virtually any color.


Does Seamless look natural?
Seamless Extensions blend very well with existing hair. Exactly how well depends primarily on the thickness and length of your own hair.

Will Seamless damage my hair?
Seamless Hair Extensions are easy to apply and easy to remove. When removed, a non-toxic adhesive remover is used and there is little residue left on the hair. Because Seamless Hair Extensions are a more gentle method than other methods, there is minimal hair shedding. In addition, hair extensions help to protect your hair from curling irons, blow dryers, styling heat and environmental damage.

What textures are available and how many packs are needed for a full hair extension service?
Seamless hair is available in European Body Wave and Silky Straight. Normally only one bundle of hair will do an entire hair extensions service and half a bundle of hair is needed for chemical free highlights.

Are Seamless extensions comfortable to wear?
Seamless Extensions are applied in small sections. Most salon clients will not notice any difference in the extensions and their hair. Seamless extensions lie flat to the head and feel just like your natural hair.

How do I maintain my hair extensions at home and between salon visits?
Hairstylists are fully trained on how to educate salon clients on how to care for extensions at home. The hairstylist will also recommend professional haircare products, combs, brushes and accessories for you to use when styling your hair extensions. Caring for Seamless Hair Extensions is very similar to how you style your hair without extensions. It's fun. It's easy!

Are Seamless Hair Extensions Affordable?
This depends on how you look at it initialy, Seamless Hair Extensions usually start at around $250 + tax per bundle . However they are resuable and with propper care can last for 1 to 2 years. Afterwards you will onlyl have to pay to have them relocated due to new hair growth which is around $120.00

How long does Seamless Hair Extensions last?
This can depend on your lifestyle. Harsh chemicals such as chlorine and salt water play a major role in the longevity of new hair extensions. However, with proper care and the right products, Seamless Hair Extensions will last up to 1 - 2 years before needing to be replaced. As mentioned above the hair is reusable.