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The most popular short haircuts for 2012

Get short hair style ideas from celebrities. As you can see that this year a lot celebrities who were famous for their long flowing tresses chopped their hair short, either as a personal preference or to be in character with a movie role. Whatever their reasons are for finally letting go of their long tresses, one thing they share is a new and super lovely look with their brand new short haircuts. So check some great short haircuts ideas for upcoming 2017.


Short Hairstyles for Round Face: The Cutest Haircuts You Will Have

Short hairstyles for round face – could it be a perfect fit? This is something you will ask if you have a round face and you want to cut your hair short but have second thoughts about it. Do not back out of the plan. With just a few tips and tricks, you will get the cutest short hairstyles made possible for your round face. Here are some of your options.

# 1 – The short shag hairstyles

Short Hair Style
Jodie Foster shag hairstyle

This is a perfect hairstyle that will surely fit those of you who also have problems with thick hair. The good thing about the cut is it emphasizes more on your delicate features. The cut is made in such a way that the crown has the longest length of hair. The trim should be maintained once in every six weeks. Add to that, a volumizer will be required.

# 2 – The short choppy hairstyles

Womens Short Hair Styles

Short choppy hairstyle for round face shapes

If there is one thing to include in the list of short hairstyles for round face, that would be the choppy hairstyle. This is similar to Halle Berry’s look in Catwoman. You will just have to enhance the layers to make it look more stylish on you.

# 3 – The side-swept look

Destin Short Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

When we say side-swept, we are referring to nothing but bangs swept on the side of your face. This is said to be perfect if you have a round face simply because it flatters such a facial shape.

# 4 – Other short hairstyles for round face

Short Hair Cuts

Hairstyle for round face shapes

There are yet a number of short hairstyles made perfect for people with round faces. The bob is now made cooler to fit those who have problems with this face shape. To create a look that will match round-faced individuals, the stylists will emphasize more on the eye-area by creating some bangs. This is instead of elaborating more on hair that will fall just besides the jaw line.

Another short hairstyle is the pixie. This is a sleek cut that makes a rounded face look slimmer. The hair stays longer in front while the nape is exposed. Different lengths of hair seem to be evenly distributed all over the head.

These great short hairstyles for round face will surely be something you will think of if you want to try a new look this year. Do not be afraid of trying these seasonal hair trends. Have confidence when wearing the style and it will bring out the best in you.


Cute Short Hairstyles: The Options You Have

Cute Kawaii Short Haircuts for women

Hairstyle for short hair

Cute short Asian hairstyle

The word ‘cute’ is synonymous to a lot of things. It can mean charming, attractive, appealing and smart. In the world of cute short hairstyles, you can also describe the cut the same way as these synonyms describe the word cute. To appreciate the look even more, get to look at your options.

# 1 – Cute short hairstyles for summer

Shor style cut

There are many hairstyles you may opt for during summer. Certainly, you will love to cut your hair short. Have you seen Charlize Theron’s look in the movie ‘Sweet Home Alabama’? You can stick to that look if you want. Many stars have flaunted their napes with new short haircuts. Tom Cruise’s wife Katie Holmes have donned a long hair for a long time but decided to cut it short this time. It looks sexy on her. Of course, ‘Harry Potter’s’ Emma Watson had also cut her hair very short. These are options you can look into if you want to look trendy during summertime.